At Pinnacle Early Education we believe the health and safety of families, children and our service is our priority.

We are a COVID Safe Business.

We will ensure all staff complete the online COVID-19 Infection Control Training made available by the Federal Department of Health. Certificates of completion will be displayed. Employees and volunteers will ensure they continue to implement hygiene processes outlined in the Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy to ensure high standards of hygiene and infection control at all times.

This includes ensuring they and where relevant children:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water including before and after eating or handling food, going to the toilet, changing a nappy, handling play dough, using gloves, and after wiping or touching nose and cleaning up spills of body fluids
  • Wash hands in ways that meet the principles recommended by the World Health Organisation in the following videos wash hands with soap and water and wash hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser
  • Cough and sneeze into their inner elbow, or use a tissue to cover their mouth and nose and placing tissues in the bin immediately after use

If using alcohol-based hand sanitizers in place of soap it will contain 60-80% alcohol and antibacterial soap/gel will never be used.

Families should expect

Upon arrival to our service, our educators will take the temperature of your child and will encourage them to wash their hands.

Parents may be asked to keep out of the premises from time to time to maintain the health and hygiene of the centre.