Pinnacle Educational Program

At Pinnacle Early Education we believe that being exposed to activities at such a young age involves goals and teamwork which can help build your child’s self-esteem and overall confidence.

Monday – Yoga

At Pinnacle Early Education we incorporate Yoga each week to encourage children to improve balance, alignment and coordination. Yoga helps children develop a positive image of their body and an awareness of how to look after it. Yoga develops sensory awareness in children by being mindful of their posture.

Tuesday – Foreign Language

It’s never too early to begin learning a second language. It is fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits that will last a lifetime. At Pinnacle Early Education we use interactive experiences for children to learn new languages that nurture their curiosity and empathy.

Wednesday – Wellbeing

Pinnacle Early Education promotes well being each week that includes our families, children and educators. A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence and optimism which maximise their learning potential. It encourages each child’s development to explore, have a sense of agency and interact with responsive others.

Thursday – Cooking / Sensory

Hands-on cooking and sensory experiences encourage children to trial and error while exploring new foods and activities. Children become problem solvers, it gives them the chance to become creative and also focuses on hand/eye coordination.

Friday – Multi Sports

At Pinnacle Early Education we incorporate different sports each week. This is implemented through our Munch and Move guidelines that encourage children to move and learn skills. Children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. It helps children to develop patience and understand that practice improves their physical skills.