Sustainability Program

Every child is a different flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.

Educating and empowering our future sustainability leaders is our passion. Children love being outdoors, at Pinnacle they will have the opportunity to grow and get involved in gardening and harvesting the vegetables that go into their everyday meals at the centre.

Gardening is educational and develops new skills that teaches children the responsibility to care for what they grow. Children will have great knowledge about planting seeds, watering the garden on a daily basis and harvesting fruits and vegetables which they will deliver to our in house chef.

Gardening with children provides the perfect combination of skills and tasks that showcase your child’s development.
Young children can practice their motor skills, body movement and object control skills while they move from one place to the other carrying gardening tools, soil and water.

Literacy can be part of gardening, also. The children will learn the names of different plants and what special care they need. Working alongside each other in the garden will encourage social skills that will build bonds with children and create memories from experiences in the garden. While children are learning a lifelong love of growing things, they are learning more about each other; how they think, what they like and dislike and how capable they really are.