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Our Philosophy

At Pinnacle Early Education we believe that each child is an individual. As experienced educators we value each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend on their learning.
Children need a strong sense of well-being and that their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs be met in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
We strive to provide positive experiences through quality program planning for all children in our care regardless of background, beliefs or physical and mental abilities, providing opportunities for confidence building and involved learning in age-appropriate experiences.

We acknowledge and celebrate all beliefs, values and cultures represented in our service, community, and nation. Children are provided with a range of learning opportunities designed to promote acceptance of many cultural ways of being and belonging to society.
We have a range of environmental activities to develop in our children respect for the natural world. We teach the children respect for and care of our natural resources by using natural and recycled materials throughout the daily program. Where possible, we adhere to the principles of recycle, reduce and reuse.

The best interests of the child are the paramount concern of our service. We provide care that protects our children from harm, whilst building a strong sense of identity through respecting their dignity, individual needs and privacy. We acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of the land. We incorporate indigenous perspectives into our curriculum and foster strong links with significant community members.
Families play an important role in our curriculum. We aim to maintain a strong relationship with families to ensure that children achieve the best quality care and education that is transferred from home to school. Children need the assurance of being respected and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment.

We believe in empowering young minds to succeed and gain knowledge through early education!

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